Healthy coral reefs support biodiversity, marine resources, and the communities that rely on these resources for a living. The Seychelles economy is almost 100% reliant on the ocean.

An estimated 10% of the world’s reefs have already been lost and 60% are threatened, mainly by human activity and in the Seychelles the percentage of reef loss is considerably higher. An estimated 80% was destroyed by bleaching caused by the warm water effects of El Nino in 1998 and damage is still being caused by storm activity and bleaching as a result of global warming.

These remaining reefs are recovering but a real threat is posed by human recreational activity; in particular the use of boat anchors that are dropped and dragged across coral reefs, ripping them apart, while further damage is caused by boats tying up to coral heads.

One of the easiest and yet most effective means to protect the living coral reef is through the installation of mooring buoys.  Mooring buoys are located close to or over a traditional boat anchoring sites, and boaters tie off to the mooring, eliminating chain sweep and anchor damage to corals.